Reindeer Chocolate Baubles

These delicious Christmas treats will be a hit with all your nearest and deerest.


30 mins


Week52 Chocolate Activation Hero 2x 2x 1


  • 10 Cadbury Chocolate Baubles (1 pack = 10 Baubles)
  • 200 g dark chocolate
  • 10 mini red candy for the nose
  • 5 pairs store brought edible eyes
  • 5 hard snack pretzels, plus more for breakage


  1. Break the dark chocolate into small pieces, place it in a heat proof bowl and melt it, over a double boiler, or melt it in the microwave on a low setting.
  2. Break the pretzel in half using serrated knife to score a line in the fornt and the back of the pretzel to help it to break evenly.
  3. Unwrap and secured the bauble on the top of a skewer, dip the bauble in melted chocolate, let excess chocolate drip back to the bowl.
  4. Attach eyes and Mini M&M nose, then attache pretzel as antlers.
  5. When the chocolate is dry to touch, remove reindeer it from the skewer.