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To claim the prize, participants must be able to provide the proof of purchase (please retain receipt for validation).

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Shop at your local Tasmanian IGA supermarket

*Purchases must be made between 3rd of July and 30th of July 2024.


Spend $30 and include products* from the participating brands

*Maximum of 1 entry per brand per transaction/receipt (See T&C's)

Eg: An entry can have:
1 Cripps, 1 Coke and 1 Smiths.
but not 2 Cripps, 1 Coke and 1 Smiths.


Enter online with the option of uploading your receipt


Retain receipt for validation

Participating Brands

Allens brand logo Arnotts Ashgrove Logo White Background Bega logo Bundaberg Cadbury Logo 2018 transparent Coca colalogo Cold power logo Connoisseur Cripps Logo Reversed Doritos Duck logo Duck River Butter 500g 1 Earthwise Four n Twenty logo The good apple Handee Island Fresh J Cs logo Johnnos Logo Juicy isle Kelloggs Logo Kirks logo Lor Lotus logo Maggi logo Maltesers M Ms logo Mocconalogo Monster National Pies Mount franklin Nestle Logo 30173 Nichols Poultry Logo Panadol logo Pascall logo Patties logo Peters POWERADE black logo Purina PYENGANA LOGO Red Rock Deli Logo REESES VIS logo Brand primary Sakata logo new Sanitarium Smiths Sorbent Logo black The Natural Confec Company Logo Uncle Tobys Value Buys Logo Lo Res Vegemite logo Vegeta Logo Voltaren master horizontal rgb Wilderness beef Williams logo Yoplait Ziploc logo Herald Sun Sunday herald sun Mercury Sunday tasmanian